I photograph with the intention to tell the story about the relationship between a newly married couple, their families and their loved ones. I strive to capture moments at each and every wedding that you and your family will treasure for years to come. My goal is to provide a beautiful registration of your wedding that will capture the relationship between two people in love.

Wedding Coverage - Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions involving prices, service, travel policies and timelines for delivery albums and other wedding coverage details. I’ve compiled a FAQ section that hopefully can assist with some of your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions not answered here. I hope to hear from you soon.

I can absolutely understand wanting to find pricing information without having to ask. Our wedding photography services begins at $1499
If you would like to obtain detailed wedding collections packages, simply drop me an email and I will send you all of the information that you need.
Yes I do. I work with second photographer that will capture moments from another point of view and assist me on the day. All my second photographers are professionals and we photograph together for a several years.
I work with a highly trained team of photo and album designers. They will colour correct all photos delivered to you. If you select to purchase photos for our stunning products as albums & frames will be retouch each selected photo manually, without batching in bulk groups or mass producing the results.
Our office is based in Campsie, Sydney. I am very comfortable travelling for events. Rest assured that should you commission me to cover your wedding and travel to you then you are hiring someone very experienced with travel for business. Travel is billed very simply – if airfare and hotel and car are needed I will organize everything and all you are responsible is a direct reimbursement for the charges.
I would love to help you with this, but the answer is that I’m not sure. There are many places that do require you to get a permit (The Queen Victoria Building, The Grounds of Alexandria), but the permit has to be obtained by the client, not the photographer. If you have a question about a location, just let me know and I will help you figure out if a permit is needed. If we try to shoot in a location that requires a permit, and we don’t have one, we’ll be asked to leave. I don’t want that to happen to us!
You’ll be able to see 1 sneak peek of you wedding day on the same day of you wedding! You can check it out in our Facebook page in a couple of hours after your wedding day. The high resolution digital files will be available in Studio two weeks after the wedding day.

Upon photo selection and album design approval you can receive your album in five weeks of the final approval.

The number of photographs taken depends on the number of guests, hours of coverage and types of events. My average is 100 per hour, but numbers may vary depending on the day itself.
I provide the selected, edited high resolution digital files. The raw unedited files aren’t available for viewing or purchasing. This is like asking for the Chef to give you the left over ingredients used to make your dinner. The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect my very high standards and everything else isn’t archived in the studio.
Rehearsal dinner coverage is available if you’d like to add it to your collection; otherwise I don’t attend the rehearsals.
Yes, I do! Sessions are photographed in the Sydney city area. If you have us as your wedding photographers this session is complimentary and includes 10 high resolution digital photos. The Session value by itself is $399 for 40 minutes and includes 5 high resolution digital photos. I’m available to travel elsewhere for your engagement session (and would love to!); certain travel rates may apply to areas outside my usual geographic location. Night shoots are available and an additional fee may apply.
I don’t think photography should be limited by a “genre”. While I’m very hand off and unobtrusive in my coverage of the day, I do believe that there is a time and place for gorgeous, casually posed images of the bride and groom together. So while I won’t stop you and make you pose while cutting the cake, I’d like about an hour (or more!) alone with you both (if possible) sometime during the day to create some images of you without your bridal party or guests looking on. I also believe strongly in preserving all the details of the wedding; from your cake to your shoes, so my work is very flush with detail images as well.
Absolutely. I strongly believe in those family images, as they’re records of your entire family at an important time in their history together.
Wedding Business - Frequently Asked Questions


I am often asked important questions about the business side working with me as your professional wedding photographer. This section includes all of those questions from business insurance to food. As always if you have any further questions about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yes. Absolutely. 100%.
I use top of the line professional Nikon equipment and extensive backups.
Of course. I do request that you let me know at least one month in advance of the wedding as it does take time for our insurance company to process and provide that document.
I’ve been in business since 2010 and have photographed over one hundred and fifty weddings, and I remember them all. I really do!
I’m so sorry, but I can’t hold the date or pencil you in. To be fair to everyone I can’t “hold” a date without a retainer and a signed contract. I accept bookings on a first come/first served basis.
A booking fee/retainer of approx. $1000 is due to reserve your date. The remainder is due the month prior to your wedding. I’ll send you an email reminder when your final payment is due. I like to make things as easy as possible for you – I know you’ve got a lot on your plate!
I require full payment before the event. Payment for overtime, album upgrades, or additional products beyond your wedding day contract, however, are all due post-wedding.
The retainer fee and all monies paid are non-refundable. The retainer guarantees that I’ll hold the date exclusively for you and once you’ve signed the contract I do turn down all other commissions for that date.
ASAP. Since I can’t “hold” dates or “pencil you in” dates are booked when…well, when they’re booked. Most of my commissions contract me within a year of the wedding date, sometimes as close as two months prior, sometimes a full calendar year or more in advance.
Surely! I do have an overtime rate and it goes into effect only with your permission and approval that I continue coverage. I’ll bill you for those hours after you return from your honeymoon.
Of course they can, it doesn’t bother me. I do request the not swam the family photographer right away because I’d prefer all year facing me in your images, but don’t mind at all if they snap away from the background.
It would be really lovely if you did. Feeding me ensures I stay cheerful, mobile, and that I don’t faint from starvation, or end up wildly “hungry”. I prefer to be fed when you are fed, not afterwards, because when you’re eating you’re not at your most photogenic. And when you’re done, I want to be done as well to continue your coverage.
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