3 Important Things about your Wedding Photographer

When selecting a wedding photographer, there are three important elements you should keep in mind that your photographer can help you with: timeline, assist on your day, and know a plan B. Let’s talk about each in the order of importance.


The Photographer should assist each client to plan their timeline taking in consideration how long each event takes place. Allowing enough time for the photos and for you to enjoy the best of your day.

2.Assist on the day

The Photographer should try to keep things on track as much as possible. This assistance does not replace a wedding planner.  A good wedding photographer is always paying attention to detail.

3.Know a Plan B

Plan B is a must, storms in a summer day it can be very common you want to make sure you like your plan A as much as the Plan B.

Have fun! Enjoy your day! It goes so fast.

Make sure you make the best of it and the photographer should be around to register everything for you to treasure for years to come.